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BUILD Dairy is an industry-led initiative created to connect dairy companies to universities and researchers in the western region. The dual goals of the program are to assist students in launching their careers in dairy, while encouraging research to help advance our industry. In short, it’s all about building the future of dairy.
About BUILD Dairy

Program Info

  1. The “BUILD” in BUILD Dairy stands for “Building University-Industry Linkages through Learning and Discovery”. By bringing together students, professors, universities and companies, we can help strengthen every link in the dairy chain. Learn more
  2. Our program is centered around education. University professors and faculty members play a key role in aiding our efforts to broaden the network of technically trained, knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Learn more
  3. BUILD offers stipends for students to help them further their education and contribute meaningful research with real-world dairy applications. Learn more
  4. BUILD aligns university research initiatives with the priorities of dairy companies, naturally readying students for careers in the industry. And we actively work to match graduates with dairy companies looking for the best and brightest in the field. Learn more
  5. BUILD offers opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate level students. Any college or university student can be involved in the BUILD Dairy program, if their program of study or research is in some way related to dairy foods or the dairy industry. Learn more

Real-World Research

BUILD Dairy’s research projects are based on regional industry priorities as identified by dairy companies and organizations. Students are actively working to create solutions that improve dairy foods and the industry as a whole.

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  1. Wear behavior of cheese
    BUILD Presentation

    Wear Behavior of Cheese

    By Fariba Zad Bagher Seighalani - PhD, U of I, WSU

    This presentation discusses wear behaviors of cheeses affected by varying fat contents

    Learn more

Get Involved

BUILD is always on the lookout for students, faculty members and dairy organizations who wish to connect and collaborate to solve industry challenges and create new opportunities.

  1. Student involvement


    Conduct valuable research that leads to real-world solutions that help further the dairy industry. Learn more
  2. Educator involvement


    Serve as a BUILD faculty advisor and help guide students and their research. Learn more
  3. Industry involvement


    Help us identify research priorities to improve food production—for the benefit of your company and dairy consumers alike. Learn more

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Check out the latest on BUILD Dairy initiatives, industry news and more.

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