BUILD Dairy is funded by donations from forward-thinking dairy producers and dairy companies. With your involvement, we can help provide stability, growth and innovation within the dairy foods industry in the western region.

Your involvement in BUILD Dairy can help provide a competitive edge for your company, as well. Not only do you benefit from the research students conduct, you also have the opportunity to build relationships with these students, which could save you time, money and effort when recruiting new talent for your company.

Industry sponsors participate in program meetings and receive periodic updates on current students and their research, as well as info on the status of students who have graduated from the program. This helps to build strong and lasting relationships between industry leaders, students and educators.

"BUILD Dairy is a great way for academia and industry to collaborate. Students are developed in the Build Dairy program through academic course work, graduate research projects, internships, and interactions with industry partners.  Employees at Glanbia that participated in the BUILD Dairy program are highly qualified and ready to develop careers in the dairy industry. Build Dairy has been successful in partnering with industry to provide qualified employees and help develop tomorrow’s leaders in the dairy industry."                  
Loren Ward, Glanbia Nutritionals

To support the BUILD Dairy program: