Any student can be involved in the BUILD Dairy program if their program of study or research is related in some way to dairy. As a student, your involvement gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the industry, while gaining direct access to industry sponsors who actively recruit graduates out of the program.

All students participating in BUILD Dairy are encouraged to participate in the leadership activities below. To be included in the professional networking activities of BUILD Dairy, students are required to at least complete activities #1-3.

Students receiving BUILD Dairy financial support are required to complete the leadership activities below and include a study of dairy processing technology in their program of study (where possible and with their supervisor’s guidance, and in addition to the graduate degree requirements of their institution).

  1. Participate in monthly BUILD Dairy webinar research meetings. (attended by industry professionals, faculty, students)
    – give presentations and ask questions during other student presentations (Must participate monthly to be included in networking publications/events and to remain on meeting list).
  2. Prepare and submit biosketch, infographic resume and pictures for the annual report. This information is distributed to the BUILD Dairy industry network for employment information and research collaboration.
  3. Submit written annual reports on program of study including research progress and other academic activities.
  4. Submit final research report and results.
  5. Attend and present at the BUILD DAIRY annual meeting (travel funds will be provided for graduate students supported with BUILD Dairy funds).
  6. Include an internship in their studies (with BUILD Dairy sponsors or other food companies).
  7. Participate in a leadership role in their department’s student organizations.
  8. Participate in a student food product development competition involving dairy foods.
  9. Present research findings at a regional or national scientific meeting.

To apply, please click "APPLY NOW" at the top of this web page.

Or, for more details on how to apply, contact Kimberly Rasmussen at Utah State University at 435-797-3466 or