Research is at the core of the BUILD Dairy program. Through the research we help fund, students learn meaningful skills, dairy companies gain valuable information, and ultimately, dairy consumers benefit, too.

Here’s just a taste of some of the research initiatives BUILD Dairy is helping to fund. Our top 25 are listed below:

  1. Optimizing cheese for conversion functionality (slicing, shredding) especially at shorter storage times 
  2. Optimizing cheese for flavor (artisan flavor in large scale operations) based on composition, coagulants, adjunct cultures 
  3. Utilization of co-products such as salt brine, permeate, acid whey, hydrolyzed permeate, lactic acid, biopolymers in foods, including bars, baked goods and ice cream 
  4. Using Next Gen techniques to improve enumeration and understanding of microbes related to probiotics, dairy food safety and cheese ripening, also quality and safety of dairy products. 
  5. Technologies for increasing solids content prior to drying 
  6. Interactions between milk proteins and flavor particulates (eg. cocoa, coffee) in high temperature beverages 
  7. Bioactivity of GMP - validation of bioactivity (anti-inflammation), absorption in humans, and bifidogenic properties. 
  8. Using fractionated milk (including innovative technologies) for manufacture of cheese, skim milk powder, protein products, peptides. 
  9. Factors that influence the quality of organic milk and/or milk from small sized dairy farms 
  10. Development and/or evaluation (fatty acid profile, flavor) of lipases obtained from non-animal sources for use in cheese 
  11. Understanding development of flavor (bitterness) or quality defects in cheese and role of adjunct cultures  
  12. Clean label solution to reduce astringency in high protein dairy products 
  13. Providing methods and resource for quantitative and qualitative analysis of galacto-oligosaccharides 
  14. Interactions of milk components (protein, calcium, etc) with mineral and vitamins in nutrient/protein fortified foods and effects on nutrient absorption 
  15. Combining non-thermal technologies to increase shelf life of dairy products 
  16. Efficient milk-fat fractionation and/or optimizing butter manufacturing protocols to enhance functionality of flaked bakery products 
  17. Stability of protein and protein-lactose complexes (rapid method for evaluation) formed by heat denaturation 
  18. Clean label ingredients and related consumer sensory science (e.g., to replace stabilizers in ice cream) 
  19. Modified whey proteins for enhanced functionality - Solubility, Foaming, Gelation 
  20. Technology for converting cheese into slurries without using emulsifiers 
  21. Controlling lactose during drying to prevent stickiness in spray dryers - increase permeate utilization 
  22. Reducing Mallaird browning during higher temperature storage of milk powders 
  23. Protein analysis by MID-IR 
  24. Including student projects related to engineering such as PLC, automation, lean manufacturing. 
  25. Functionality of milk soluble protein after microfiltration of skim milk.