Microbiological Risks of Raw Versus Pasteurized Cheese: Cheese Type/Formulation and the 60-day Rule

Sep 8, 2023  •  By Brandon Riesgaard
Brandon research

The first goal of this project is to evaluate the existing research related to pathogen survival and cheese safety to determine critical limits related to salt content, pH and others, focusing on E. coli, Listeria and S. aureus that impact overall safety of artisan cheeses. This knowledge can then be used to formulate pathogen survival trials in cheese to fill in gaps in existing literature and test important parameters using facilities available at OSU. These findings will then be used to formulate guidance materials for artisan cheesemakers to ensure they have the knowledge and confidence to produce safer cheese products and make business decisions based on the data.

Objective 1: Perform an exhaustive literature review and meta-analysis of the control points of various cheeses with respect to the survival and/or growth of foodborne pathogens.

Objective 2: Demonstrate salt (or other variable) as a critical parameter for the safety of raw milk cheeses.

  1. Investigate milk sock filter management practices as a potential control point for raw milk cheeses.

Objective 3: Create a decision-tree for artisan cheese makers to evaluate their specific styles and processes to guide food safety and risk management to support the longevity/survival of their businesses.

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